Thursday, November 3, 2011


CREDIT: the bawdies.com
left to right: MARCY(drums), TAX(2nd vocal & guitar), ROY(main vocal & bass) and JIM(guitar)
(Is it sad to say that I love their fashion here? I've been living in Japan for too long...)

In a previous entry, I mentioned how much I love to attend concerts in Japan. Well, here is a look at one concert that I attended a week ago.

I saw THE BAWDIES at the CAPARVO live house in Kagoshima City, which is about an hours drive west from where I live. This group has a very retro rock sound with all of their lyrics being in English. They also write and compose all of their songs. I've been into the group for almost a year now and I absolutely love their music. Seeing them live, however, is just amazing! They give off a great amount of energy that easily pumps up their fans, especially when they play their upbeat songs like IT'S TOO LATE shown below. I will say that ROY's voice did startle me at first. I was like, "is this guy really Japanese?"

I find it so interesting (and attractive) that they wear suits during their live performances and music videos; it's their signature. By the end of their performances, though, it's covered in sweat hahaha. Us in the audience also get rather sweaty because 400+ people are all crammed together jumping, fist pumping, pretty much going crazy in a small live house where you can only stand. I love this type of live setting because I get to see the band members up-close. In fact, I was able to lock eyes with three of them. How could they NOT notice this tall, dark-skinned foreigner.

This was my third time seeing THE BAWDIES live. I will definitely continue to see them in the future as long as I am still living in Japan.

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