Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bentos (lunch boxes)

These are actually pictures of pictures of just a few bentos that my JHS students made during home economics class. I wasn't there when they made these, but tons of pictures where posted by the teachers' room and I just couldn't resist taking photos of them.

Japanese kids are taught to make "real" food in class. They'll cook up complete meals that I cannot see myself making at their age! I remember when I took home-ec class as a JHS student. We made very simple things like American-style pigs in a blanket and a whole lot of pastries. I won't lie, I really did enjoy the foods I made back then, but it would have been nicer to learn how to make slightly more challenging meals. These students of mine amaze me everyday.


  1. I had a few kids in my Montessori class that would bring these. I always enjoyed seeing what they had and watching them enjoy their lunches too. What an awesome class idea!

  2. I always enjoy seeing what my students make as well. It's so cool that they take the time to create characters out of them!