Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fukuoka City

I was in Fukuoka this past weekend and I decided to take a few random pictures. I love this city so much. It's the 10th largest city in Japan with a little over one million residents, but it's actually the largest city on the island that I live on. From this city, you can reach Busan, South Korea in about three hours by ferry boat.

Fukuoka City is a three hours drive up north from where I live via the highway. Personally, I wouldn't drive anywhere for that long, so I rely on the highway bus to take me there. Fukuoka is very famous for its Hakata ramen, its pro baseball team (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) and its Tenjin district for superb shopping. I tend to regularly go to Fukuoka to get away from the country-side that I live in. Not like living in the country-side is bad per say, I just need my urban fix every once in a while.

I love shopping and I seriously love clothes. So, you cannot believe how ecstatic I was to find out that H&M and ZARA finally have stores in Fukuoka!! They both only just opened last month, but I went into both yesterday and they were so packed. I'll definitely head back to both next time when I'm in the city.

If you're ever in need of a hotel to stay while in Japan, I recommend the Toyoko Inn hotel chain. It's located nationwide in Japan and it's a good bang for your buck. Your stay also includes an all you can eat Japanese breakfast.


  1. hey Toyoko inn is the biz, lol hope u got a membership card. Luv H&M too. I so wanna get down to Kyush one of these days, it's crazy expensive form Tokyo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey there! Yup, I definitely have a membership card. Only two more stays before I receive my free night stay! Kyushu is awesome! You definitely have to check out Fukuoka whenever you can.