Monday, October 17, 2011

Time to cut us some rice!

Today, I was at my smallest junior high school, which has a total of about 50 students. It was the Inekari (rice cutting) time of the year. This school, along with the neighboring elementary school, come together to help the farmers in the area to harvest the rice every year. I did this last year and coincidentally, I did it again this year. It was originally planned for them to do this last Friday, but because of the rain, they rescheduled. Unfortunately, because of all the rain, the soil was super-duper muddy!!! I had crocks on, so it was super bad for me. Some students decided to go completely bare foot! That was awesome, but I wasn't going to do that myself thought hahaha.


  1. These are great photos! How cold was it over there? It looks pretty warm for October!

  2. Thanks! It was blazing hot this time last year, but it was comfortably cooler this time around.