Thursday, January 19, 2012

where will my next destination take me to?

The gorgeous beach of the Amami Islands. 
credit: ippei + janine from flickr 

In 2011, I did a lot of traveling within Japan; Nara, Kobe, Nagasaki, Sapporo, Hakodate, Aomori and Yokohama were new cities I visited. In addition to those, I made trips to Tokyo, Kyoto, Saitama, Osaka, Fukuoka (numerous times), Kumamoto and Kagoshima. Japan is such a wonderful country to explore and I'm far from done with my exploration. Since I live on the southernmost island of mainland Japan, my attention will now be devoted towards visiting the smaller islands that are nearby.

So, within the year, my destinations will include Okinawa, the Amami Islands and Tanegashima/Yakushima (the latter just happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.) Many of my co-workers have urged me to visit Yakushima, so I'm happy that I'm finally taking their advice.

Hmm... Okinawa, the Amami Islands and Tanegashima all have great beaches, so buying new swimsuits will be a must!! Woo hoo!!

Soooo looking forward to island-hopping!!

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