Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tokyo Part 1: Strolling through Odaiba (daytime)

TOKYO!! It's been five months since I was last able to walk through the crazy streets of this city.   I was in the city for less than two days, but a huge majority of my time was spent in Odaiba, which a manmade island connected to central Tokyo via the Rainbow Bridge. 

As soon as you arrive in Odaiba, it's kinda hard not to notice the huge ferris wheel. I rode on it when I first visited the area three years go and the ride cost me 16 bucks!! It was worth it though because the view was amazing, but since I was in need of saving money, I declined riding it this time. The ferris wheel is so large and colorful that it was too difficult to resist taking pictures of it. 

First-time visitors will be wondering why the heck is the Statue of Liberty here. Well, I still don't know the reason why, but honestly, I just think that they thought it would be a cool addition to the island. The  bridge behind the Liberty replica is the Rainbow Bridge, which actually lights up in rainbow colors at 8PM.

Odaiba is also home to Fuji Television. The headquarters is a very interestingly shaped steel building designed by Kenzo Tange. Whenever I watch TV, which isn't that often, it's almost always on Fuji TV. I think they have the best programs. I specifically love watching their morning news program, Mezamashi Terebi (TV).

For lunch, I decided to go for ramen (Japanese noodles)... and spicy ramen at that!! I absolutely love eating ramen (with some gyoza ((Chinese dumplings)) on the side). Since I don't like to eat pork, I asked the waiter to not place any slices of pork on the ramen (which they also do unless you ask them not to.)

After my tummy was satisfied, I did some more walking around and that's when I saw the GUNDAM!! Uh, yeah. You might want to check that link if you don't know what a Gundam is. This thing was massive!! 

Well, that's all for now! Next time I'll post the night pictures I took in the area. Stay tuned!! (ugh... I need new shades.)


  1. work that camera girl... gundam came back, when I was in Odaiba 2 yrs ago they had removed it. i gotta po down there to see it.

  2. I was so lucky to be able to see it! I've been wanting to see it when I first heard about it, but never had the time to make my way to whatever destination is was at. I was really lucky here!