Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a weekend with GLAY

Well, hello there everyone! I haven't updated this blog for about three weeks. I hate to say it, but I've just gotten lazy. Teaching elementary students is exhausting. Most of the younger kids (mainly first and second graders) are way too hyper in class. Thankfully, I teach first to fourth graders only once a month; fifth to sixth graders are taught every week (Japanese ES include 1st to 6th grades). And mind you, I work at four ES. Oh well, overall, it's not too bad.

Anyways! This past weekend, I went to Tokyo to see... GLAY!!! My utmost favorite Japanese band EVER! You can even say that they are my favorite band PERIOD! I love these guys so~ much!! I saw them on their HIGHCOMMUNICATIONS tour at the famed NIPPON BUDOKAN and it was fantastic!! 

A few facts about GLAY:
  • The group was formed in 1988 and debuted in 1995.
  • The name "GLAY" comes from the English word "gray". It's meant to describe their music.
  • They are the 7th best selling artist in Japan.
  • All four main members are ages 39-40.
  • In 1999, their "GLAY Expo '99" concert attracted more than 200,000 people!

They will be holding a stadium concert for two days in Osaka. You can bet that I'll be there for both days!!

Below, is the music video to their 42nd single, "everKrack." I love this song and video so much. It's definitely on some crack! It was written and composed by the lead guitarist, Hisashi, who happens to be a total geek. A lovable one at that!

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