Saturday, April 28, 2012


Continuing on with my 2011-2012 winter vacation photos, I took a morning bus from Amsterdam to Brussels. I think the bus ride was about three hours long. It wasn't really a comfortable ride because the bus wasn't spacious at all... then again, the one-way ticket cost me 18 euros. 

I was pretty clueless at to which train station to get off at in Brussels. The bus stopped at three main train stations in the city, but I didn't know that, so I got off at the first train station it stopped at, which was Brussels Nord. Let's just say that I must have spent close to an hour trying to figure out where to go. I found out that I needed to get to Brussels Midi, where my bed & breakfast hotel was located. I finally arrived at the hotel at around 6PM and it was already pretty late. After checking in and tossing my luggage aside and I wondered around the nearby area for about an hour or two. I had dinner at some burger place and called it a night afterwards.

I only had the following day to check out the city before heading off the Ghent the next morning. I was out of the hotel by 9AM and came back about twelve hours later. I was able to see only a few tourist sites, but I was pretty satisfied with what I accomplished in only one day.

Oh... drivers in Brussels are CRAZY!! There's no regard to pedestrians at all.

Brussels, Belgium
January 2 - 4 2012

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