Friday, December 9, 2011

oden party

 Last Saturday, five former students of mine invited me and their current English teacher, a fellow American, to a little party at one of the student's home.

Our dinner that the mother, whom I work with, prepared with her daughter. It was so yummy~

Their house is so~ huge and it's so cute; trinkets and such were all over the place.

Our dessert that one of the girls bought for us; Baskin Robins, which is simply known as "31" in Japan, ice cream cake!! I was lucky enough to get Snoopy, but he ended up tasting like wax... but the cake was oh, so goooood!!

Two of the five girls. I taught them two years ago when they were third year JHS students.

"Nacchan" on the right teaching the others how to play poker.

We didn't use real money, of course, so the next best thing was.... wooden blocks!

The "party" started at 5PM and ended at 10PM. We ate and chatted in English (the girls made a challenge to only speak in English... to us at least). We then took a mini break to go out for purikura and spent about an hour r so doing that. We came back and ate that yummy cake  as we played all sorts of card games. I had a great time hanging out with these girls and it was definitely nice to see them again.

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