Sunday, December 4, 2011

my first b'z concert!!!!!!!!!!

CREDIT: http://bz-vermillion.com/
(from left to right: vocalist Koshi Inaba and guitarist Tak Matsumoto)
B'z is a two man group, but they have two support members, a bassist and a drummer, who happen to be Americans!

Thanks to the wonders of schedule posting,  I will be in Fukuoka attending a concert by one of my utmost favorite Japanese rock bands, B'z, as you read this entry. This is my first time seeing this band live after listening to their music for almost a year!  B'z is Japan's no. 1 selling artist with over 80 million singles/albums sold domestically and for good reason--they make absolutely fantastic music!!

I'll be seeing them again at their final concert on their tour on Christmas Day at the largest concert hall in Japan: Tokyo Dome!!!

And with that, I leave you with the music video to their latest single C'mon. Love it!

Ok, I seriously have a thing for Koshi Inaba. The man is gorgeous! He's 48 years old too; most Japanese men age like fine wine. Yum.

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