Wednesday, July 11, 2012

40 before 40

On July 1st, I celebrated my 30th birthday. So, it got me thinking about making a special list of goals I would like to achieve before I hit my 40's. I'm pretty excited and look forward to tackling this list! So here it is!

Before I turn 40, I want to...

  1.  Learn to snowboard
  2.  Learn to ski
  3.  Become fluent in another language 
  4.  Take cooking classes
  5.  Learn how to swim
  6.  Become a dog owner
  7.  Take a ride on a hot air balloon
  8.  Go bungee jumping in New Zealand
  9.  Wear a bikini
  10. Ride on the Shinkansen from Fukuoka to Tokyo
  11. Meet the members of the Japanese group GLAY 
  12. Experience seeing GLAY from the first row
  13. Attend 100 concerts anywhere in the world 
  14. Get married to that special someone and have kids
  15. Find a place to settle in whether it be in Japan, the USA or anywhere else in the world
  16. Attend a concert at Zepp Tokyo
  17. Chat up with a random stranger in a party setting
  18. Visit Nigeria at least twice
  19. Go on a cruise
  20. Work and/or study in Europe for at least one year
  21. Earn a Masters degree
  22. Visit five continents (have been to three not including my own)
  23. Travel around Scandinavia
  24. Go for a bike ride on an island in Okinawa
  25 Buy a new MacBook
   26. Go to a spa and get pampered from head to toe
  27. Learn to scuba dive
  28. Visit 20 countries (for at least 5 days per visit)
  29. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  30. Listen to reggae in Jamaica
  31. Learn to play the bass guitar
  32. Attend an outdoor music festival
  33. Own a Neverfull MM or GM LV bag
  34. Skydive
  35. Spend one night in a sleeper train 
  36. View the aurora borealis in Northern Norway
  37. Go fishing
  38. See the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  39. Fly first class just once
  40. Grow my hair out to waist length

And there you have it; my 40 before 40!! I'm definitely going to work hard at fulfilling the above goals. Once a goal has been achieved, I will write an entry about it on this blog.

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