Sunday, February 26, 2012

life in Japan via iphone photos

from left to right
  • It's the year of the dragon! This was made by students at my smallest JHS.
  • Two weeks ago, one of my students asked me if I have ever visited a pâtissier shop called, "Tanpopo." I said, "no." She was so~ disappointed because her parents runs the shop.  To make her happy, I told her that I would visit the place right after school. She and her friends tried their best to tell me where it's located, but their words were getting nowhere, so they drew me a map. Clever. I met her mother and she was really sweet. I bought a few things and she gave me a freebie.
  • Our annual "Friendship Day" in my town. English teachers from various countries living in the town teach a group of elementary students about their country, play games and cook a specialty meal from one of the countries. The flags shown represent the nationalities that were present. (Canada and New Zealand aren't shown fully.)
  • The specialty meal that was made was German. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of meal, but it was so delicious!!!! We ate it along with French bread. Yummy.
  • The sunset in my lovely town.
  • Yes, my students love me. (That's good to know.) This was written by a 15 yr old boy, by the way. It got a few laughs from the other students in the class. My name in Japanese characters is ダイアナ, but it's spelt out as Daiana. I guess that's why the kid wrote it in Japanese (he wasn't sure how I spell my name.)
  • This a from last weekend in Nichinan.
  • This one as well.
  • The view from the second floor at one of my schools. it seems that winter has disappeared again. It was a warm 19ºC (66ºF) with clear skies.
  • So, I went to Tanpopo for the second time two days ago and the mother was so happy to see me again. This time, I was able to meet her husband. She then gave me this figure, which is geared towards the upcoming Girl's Day holiday. It's so cute!
  • My guys (my 2nd favorite Japanese rock group, B'z) are releasing their first new single of the new year on April 4th. It's called Go For It, Baby! And I love it! It's currently featured in the PEPSI NEX CM (commercial).  

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