Friday, October 5, 2012

40 before 40 - My new macbook pro

Soooooo, I think I've mention here that my 4.5 year old macbook died on me back in mid-July. I was without a real laptop until the end of August when I bought this baby. Ugh, this was the most expensive thing I have ever purchased in my life!! Apple, seriously, this Pro better survive for more than five years or else I'm going back to PCs.... heh, I'm so kidding. I love Macbooks. I can't see myself using a PC again.

I'm such a gadget girl. I really would like to own an iPad, but I'm not in love with the weight; it's pretty heavy. Rumors say that a mini may come out sometime next year. If so, then I'll be on it! It would be nice to have a small tablet while traveling to surf the web or read a book/magazine. Even more useful for my commute to and from work!

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